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A brand licensing agency that brings together the collective expertise of two leading London-based professionals.

Led by Amit Patel and Dillan Gandhi, BrandSpectra is all about working with businesses and brand owners to maximise the value of their products and intellectual property (IP) through brand collaborations and partnerships.

With over 30 years of combined industry experience across branding, strategy, marketing and design, we offer a fresh holistic approach to the world of brand licensing that balances bold creativity with clear KPIs and R.O.I. 

We work with both owners of established brand names, characters and designs and companies that want to leverage these assets for their own products and services to expand their reach, drive sales and increase brand equity. 

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The driving forces behind BrandSpectra

With extensive experience across digital marketing, brand strategy, design, and visual asset creation, BrandSpectra have collaborated with numerous well-known organisations, shaping and contributing to their continued growth and success. 

Together, Amit and Dillan believe that a holistic approach to brand licensing allows design, marketing, and advertising, to be strategically considered for brands to collaborate and connect. Get to know the creative minds that fuel our consultancy.

A fresh approach to brand licensing

Brand licensing explained

Brand licensing is where a brand owner grants permission to another business to use their branding and assets (like logos, characters and designs) for products or services. This allows the licensee to leverage the established brand's reputation and reach a broader audience without starting from scratch, driving more sales. In return, the brand owner earns a commission from every sale, whilst also benefiting from reaching more people.

Our data-driven approach

BrandSpectra works with both brand owners and licensees, finding the perfect collaboration partners for our clients, and bringing IPs to life across all types of products and services. We manage the entire process. However, unlike many other brand licensing agencies, you should see us as strategic partners. We use real-time market data, trends and insights to focus on brand licensing activity that is proven to reach and engage customers and drive growth and sales.

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A five-step plan to making it happen

Step 1 - Brand Review

A tailored workshop to review your brand or business, and initially explore all your opportunities in the brand licensing space

Step 2 - Strategy

We devise the best route-to-market for your brand licensing strategy document and guidelines, with actionable steps for your design, sales and marketing teams to follow

Step 3 - Representation

We represent your brand or business and secure the best partnerships for you, through our network and industry events and forums

Step 4 - Activation

We oversee activation to ensure the brand licensing work is on-brand and delivering results

Step 5 - Marketing

To ensure the partnership soars in reach, BrandSpectra works with all parties to ensure engagement and sales

Brands we work with

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